EBook The Message from the All Volume One

The Prophecy of God today. Not the word of the Bible The messages from the All contain answers to man’s fundamental questions not explained in the Bible.
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About the meaning and purpose of life on Earth, the freedom of each being, about cause and effect, about the immortality of the soul and its reincarnation in several lives on Earth; about the Redeemer-deed of Christ, about God’s unending love for each person and for all creation, and much more.

Again and again, the reader witnesses how currently and yet timelessly the Spirit of God explains worldly events, how He addresses topics like genetic engineering or climate change – and how, nearly in the same breath, He shakes us up, gives us comfort and healing and urges us to decide. Read the messages from the All yourself, given through Gabriele, the prophetess and emissary of God for our time.


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